People assume that migration will be costly and scary. In reality, that couldn't be farther from the truth. You're much farther down the migration path than you think. No Alka-Seltzer required.

When most businesses think about the potential of upgrading to a modern cloud ERP, they usually fall victim to two main objections. First, they assume it'll be too costly —why invest capital in the solution itself, not to mention the manpower required to get it up and running, when you already have something that works "just fine"?

If they don't let that issue end discussions right there, they usually balk at the amount of time required to perform that upgrade. "We can't afford to deal with weeks or even months of downtime," they say to themselves. "We already have a solution that gets the job done —why spend the time when we can use it better elsewhere?"

Sure, that legacy ERP system may get the job done, but does it do it particularly WELL?

But as your business continues to grow and evolve, the technology at the heart of it all needs to do the same. You're not going to go out of business if it doesn't, but it WILL take more time and require more effort than it should to complete even the most routine administrative tasks.

The good news is that a solution designed to address all these problems and more DOES, in fact, exist. It's called ConnectIt for Exact Synergy Enterprise, and regardless of which legacy ERP solution you're using, migration will be a lot more straightforward than you probably assume.

Tomorrow's Technology by Way of Today's Innovative Solutions

At its core, ConnectIt for Exact Synergy Enterprise is designed to do what your current legacy ERP solution doesn't. For starters, you get a very simple way to connect Exact Synergy Enterprise to Globe, Acumatica, or even a legacy ERP. Again, the entire process from start to finish only takes about a day. (YES! A day.)

But once that is finished, you'll finally be able to make all that transactional ERP data available to people in every department across your organization —absolutely no strings attached.

When people can easily access data, they can easily share it -meaning that collaboration is more straightforward than ever. You can also start automating frequently performed tasks to free up the valuable time of your living, breathing employees to focus on the work and projects that really need their attention.

All told, ConnectIt allows you to share, interact with, and automate ERP information in a whole host of ways. Check out all these benefits:

  • ConnectItacts as a multi-purpose connectivity framework, perfect for connecting with and mapping data to the legacy ERP solutions that you're probably already using.

  • Prepackaged integrations for legacy ERP systems make getting ConnectIt up and running an absolute breeze. Don't worry about downtime or business interruptions because the system itself is designed to prevent them.

  • Once live, you get access to a view and report builder functionality that can help present transactional information from your ERP platform into your Exact Synergy Enterprise workspaces.

With that, you'll have a comprehensive, forward-thinking, rules-based engine that connects Exact Synergy's breakthrough workflow, document management AND social functionality to ERP transactional information allowing you and your people to break free from those data silos once and for all.

See? You're So Much Closer Than You Thought

Finally, you have a migration path that is as easy as it is (dare we say it) enjoyable.

In the end, you'll have the ability to store and share information with those who desperately need it —all in a natural and highly secure way. You'll be able to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes someone to find what they need, giving them more time to focus on those tasks that the business needs.

You'll have taken steps to meaningfully improve collaboration and communication —all while embracing the automation of processes whenever and wherever it makes the most sense.

That, in essence, is what the partnership between Acumatica and ConnectIt for Exact Synergy is all about.

But wait—there’s more. And here’s where it gets really good!

The other aspect of ERP migration that gives executives real heartburn is the associated costs. From license fees to data migration and training an ERP switch is known to come with a big bill.

That doesn’t have to be your firm’s experience. There are ERP software providers that have all kinds of incentives in place to alleviate the financial burden. For starters, there’s a free training, free master data file conversion, free first-year support —and if you’re a Macola customer now; there are even more specials this fall!



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