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Hear from Portacool

Portacool, LLC, an East Texas-based leader in the evaporative cooling industry with a 30-year history and a thriving brand in the Portacool and Kuul evaporative cooling products teamed up with Algorithm for ERP help. Portacool now has an extraordinarily flexible ERP platform with cleaner data, a refreshed approach to processes, more meaningful reports and better usability. The advancement was significant, and Acumatica took notice. Portacool was named their Manufacturing Customer of the Year.

Hear from Telesis

Telesis, a company with a long and illustrious history of 40 years, has transformed from its modest beginnings into a prominent player in various industries such as data security, restaurants, food and beverage, real estate, and urban farming. Despite their growth and success, they have remained true to their origins as a family-owned business in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Telesis has deep ties within the Lincoln community and is motivated by a genuine desire to give back and make meaningful contributions to their hometown. Throughout their journey of expanding operations and building their reputation, one crucial element has played a significant role: their strong partnership with Algorithm Inc. and their adoption of a cutting-edge ERP system. Telesis was a presenter on the main stage of Acumatica Summit 2024. 


What our clients says about us

Stacey, Snr Accountant

Your team has been a God send! I am truly grateful to be at this point with all of you.

Renee, Director of Operations

This team is amazing - knowledgeable and supportive. They not only take care of us and our ERP needs, they treat us as family. Thank you for being wonderful partners!

Cole, Controller

The best part of using Algorithm is having an expert with us every step of the way.

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Andrew, Director of IT

They are a true business partner whose relationship with our organization will continue to be valuable as we grow and implement future projects. They are more of an extension of our organization than just a firm that we hired for a project.

Ashley, Controller

Thanks everyone! We couldn't have done it without your team's amazing magic! We are excited for the future!

Steve, CEO

What an unbelievable job the entire Algorithm team did for us. We felt fully supported in a way that exceeded my expectations. I really can’t speak highly enough about your team.


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