Cloud ERP systems are gaining immense traction recently. Primarily this trend is growing in the corporate arena because of its many benefits providing increased productivity through streamlined operations. 

Generally in the world, the manufacturing industry is experiencing an increase in sales and constraints on operations, meaning that manufacturers are needing another tool to help them do more with less across all operations and locations Cloud ERP helps to do just that.

How Cloud ERP Improves Productivity 

Cloud ERP can improve production and efficiency of your manufacturing company. Here are only a few of the benefits of Cloud ERP

Streamline Workflow 

Whether you are a small start-up, a medium-sized enterprise, or a worldwide organization, your manufacturing setup will most likely grow. As it grows, you will need to scale your business accordingly. You can use process automation a cloud ERP platform provides to automate repetitive actions which not only saves time which translates into budget savings, but increases consistency in results by removing the human element as well.

Provides Real-Time Information

Cloud software works in real-time so you will always have up-to-date information. This makes it easy for manufacturers to process orders, manage inventory and make informed decisions with reliable up-to-date data.   Since you can access cloud ERP, through a browser or app, you have access to that information anytime from anywhere.

Optimize Inventory Management 

Every good manufacturing company knows the importance of inventory management. Using an ERP cloud software helps you to ensure your processing is done efficiently. Check on your reorders and materials anytime you need. Streamline inventory management by automatically ordering according to demands so you stay ahead of the curve. The technology of cloud ERP enables machine learning and other technologies to empower better decisions and actions to keep the inventory on hand when you need it, but not when you don’t.


Cloud applications increase the ability to collaborate with a global workforce. This enables more team based decisions and promotes common organizational standards. This saves time and helps your business to be more efficient with simple, yet important, collaboration tools built into your manufacturing ERP cloud software. 


Cloud based ERP solutions are much more flexible than on premise ERP. Cloud based solutions are accessible from anywhere there is internet connection. Easily adjust, track, and organize the manufacturing process across your entire enterprise. Think about your customer's reaction when they are able to get answers from a portal or from your rep sitting at the customer’s desk.

Cost Savings 

A more efficient management system can save your company time and money. Optimized inventory management reduces overhead costs associated with carrying more inventory than you need. Save time by streamlining your manufacturing process which in turn lower costs while increasing production and efficiency. Including a large portion of IT expense in the software subscription allows you to reduce overhead and allocate your resources more effectively. Giving you the ROI you are looking for. 

Higher Business Intelligence

ERP software with real-time data to be accessible in a constant flow and is always available to all team members with access allows all members across all departments to manage operations more effectively. How, a single source of the truth improves communication and eliminates time spent passing back and forth information.  Your team can share results and new information without a phone call or email.  Better, faster decisions result.Should You Use Cloud ERP software? 

Although you may have heard about many manufacturing companies making the switch to cloud software, you might wonder what the benefits are to use cloud software versus a standard ERP. 

Modern cloud software options provide you the opportunity to utilize cheaper and less infrastructure-heavy solutions. Using a Cloud ERP system provides you with the ability to improve your manufacturing productivity and get to value faster.

 Your staff can access the cloud system anywhere, meaning you can have a remote team should you so choose. Or, as  we have seen, it is forced upon you.

If you are looking to get the most out of your system, work faster, scale up your company and improve your revenue, a cloud ERP solution is perfect for you. 

Improve Productivity with Acumatica Cloud ERP Solutions 

At Algorithm, we specialise in Cloud ERP Solutions that can take your manufacturing company to the next level. If you like the idea of implementing a cloud ERP but you aren’t quite sure how to start, contact us at Algorithm. 

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