Have you found yourself in a position where you have to implement EDI because of a new relationship with other organizations that mandate EDI? Perhaps you have found that you need to add new products and trading partners, but are unable to do so because your hardware and software systems are becoming legacy.

This is where EDI Conduit can help.

EDI Conduit is a middleware product that allows legacy systems to remain intact by providing the tools needed to move the data between EDI documents and the back-end system automatically. Manual processes and data entry are eliminated and replaced with time-saving automation; errors can be identified and corrected promptly; and as a result, efficiency is increased and labor costs are reduced.

EDI Conduit provides the following benefits and features:

  • Automatic Entry of Inbound Purchase Orders from Customers/Trading Partners via EDI.

    • No manual entry

    • Reduce data entry errors

    • Save on labor costs

    • Data Validation for inbound orders for "ship to" addresses and item cross-references

  • Fully customizable for the customer's needs

  • Automatically generate and send invoices and advanced shipment notices

  • No software to manage or maintain; we manage it for you

  • SaaS model: Software-as-a-Service

  • Scheduled tasks and times

  • Easy to use and maintain and make changes as needed; there is no need to be an EDI expert

  • Inbound and outbound EDI document mappings are configured with an easy-to-use web interface

  • External cross-reference tables and redundant setup is reduced

  • Reduce labor costs associated with costly EDI mapping and maintenance


We invite you to learn about the EDI Conduit SaaS Solution and how easy it is to use and manage. Simplify your EDI process while gaining efficiencies for both your business and your employees.

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