What is Acumatica Cloud ERP?

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a modern Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution designed to make companies in all industries, including distribution, more productive and efficient.

ERP software, whether hosted in the cloud or hosted on-premises, is designed to integrate different business software solutions and centralize the data produced and collected by companies. By centralizing data, companies are able to perform more in-depth analysis and gain greater insight than they would if their data was fragmented among multiple software suites.

Benefits of Acumatica Cloud ERP

There are many benefits companies in all industries, including distribution, can realize from using Acumatica Cloud ERP. These benefits include:

Global Accessibility

If an Internet connection is available, then Acumatica Cloud ERP is accessible. Being a business software solution hosted in the Cloud, no expensive computer servers are needed at company premises for Acumatica Cloud ERP to work. Accordingly, there is no need to be connected to the company local network. Acumatica ERP is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Remote hosting

Acumatica Cloud ERP is hosted in secure data centers operated by highly trained professionals that are experts at keeping systems up and running. Companies that use Acumatica Cloud ERP do not have to worry about developing disaster recovery plans or backing up data.

Industry-specific versions

When it comes to business software solutions, different industries benefit from different features and functionality. That is why Acumatica Cloud ERP comes in different versions such as Acumatica Cloud ERP Distribution Edition, made specifically for the needs of the distribution industry.

Why You Need an Industry-Specific ERP Solution for Your Distribution Business 

Many ERP software solutions are designed for general business needs, rather than for specific industries. Acumatica knows that such ERP software ends up being costly as well as frustrating for employees to use. That is why multiple versions of Acumatica Cloud ERP are produced: so that features and functionality are tailor-fitted for various industries so they can get the most out of Acumatica Cloud ERP.

The distribution industry is unique, the challenges you face are different than most industries. A industry-specific ERP solution tailored to your distribution company will make it much easier to overcome those challenges and grow your business. 

Industry-Specific ERP Solutions Scale with Your Business

When you use industry-specific ERP solutions, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP Distribution Edition, you do not have to worry about spending significant amounts of time and money on customizations for the needs of your industry.

Increase Speed, Performance, and Efficiency

Using Acumatica Cloud ERP enables companies to:

  • Streamline operations: By using Acumatica Cloud ERP, companies are able to quickly and easily process data in order to make intelligent business decisions and improve efficiency and productivity of business operations.

  • Provide information to employees in the field: Employees working outside of company offices need to be able to obtain business information from wherever they are located. Acumatica Cloud ERP makes this possible due to the fact it is hosted in the Cloud and can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection.

  • Share company data with company partners: Acumatica Cloud ERP is priced based on the features used by the company. Compare this with other ERP software, which is licensed on a per-user basis. The pricing structure of Acumatica Cloud ERP encourages sharing of useful company information with company partners.

Get the Return on Investment You Need

All companies want to see a rapid return on their investments. With Acumatica Cloud ERP, that is not a concern.

Since Acumatica Cloud ERP is Cloud-based, companies that want to take advantage of Acumatica Cloud ERP do not need to make an expensive outlay of money on expensive servers, operating system licenses, and network equipment. That substantial savings alone makes sure companies realize a rapid return on their investment in implementing an Acumatica Cloud ERP solution.

How Algorithm Can Get Your Company Started With Acumatica Cloud ERP

Algorithm has been in the ERP business for over 25 years and has implemented hundreds of sites using a proven methodology that generates raving customers because of solid results.

Algorithm prides itself in partnering with the companies it implements Acumatica Cloud ERP solutions for. The professionals at Algorithm care about making sure each of its partners is making good use of the features offered by Acumatica Cloud ERP.

For a free consultation on how an industry specific ERP solution like Acumatica Distribution Edition can help your company grow and maximize productivity and efficiency, contact Algorithm today.

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