Twenty five years ago, software companies had an opportunity to create and update products the world needed. Y2K was the dark cloud on the horizon and updates to enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages were the shelter from the storm. 

Moving to a Windows app from the original character based green screen, or DOS versions, would be expensive. The world needed a compelling event to motivate the market to make large investments in software and to disrupt organizations with system change. Cue Y2K. And change they did. This was the last major disruption in the ERP market. That is, until now.

Many companies are still running the same software they used to weather the Y2K bug, which turned out to be a non-event. The business is running. The team has created workarounds to fill in the gaps inherent to the technical limitations. Things are okay. Along comes Y2020. That calendar page we all wish would turn sooner. Lockdowns, essential business designation, distributed workforce all washed the makeup from the old legacy ERP systems and showed the need for the new breed of ERP – Cloud ERP.

Cloud ERP solves access issues for a distributed workforce, provides an entirely new technology platform, and offers the opportunity to change the way business management systems are managed. Since Cloud ERP solutions are built to run via the internet, you no longer need a VPN or remote server connection to run your program from outside the office. Simply put, with a web browser or mobile app, you can conduct business from anywhere, anytime, on any device. That is true cloud. 

If someone says they offer a Cloud solution, but you need something other than a browser to access it; shake your head and walk away. They don’t have a Cloud ERP solution.

A true Cloud solution, like Acumatica – more on them later – is built on a platform that provides web services which enables a new group of technology for things like blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation. Sounds like things only large enterprises can benefit from, right? Not so fast my friend. 

Robotic process automation (RPA) lets any company automate the repetitive, time consuming tasks that don’t require judgment to complete. Think of your invoicing process. Are you printing invoices then scanning them to create a pdf? Are you printing invoices to a pdf then creating emails to each customer with their invoice attached as a pdf? With a true Cloud ERP, a modern ERP, that’s table stakes. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need an additional program.

By far, one of the most significant changes in modern technology is the introduction of SaaS, Software as a Service. No longer do you need to purchase and maintain expensive servers. The time for paying for an expensive software package license is gone, not to mention the annual maintenance fees that can be 20% and up. With SaaS, companies host their software on their servers, maintain it and provide software updates for a less expensive annual subscription. You don’t manage the server or software updates, or disaster recovery for your ERP, as the software company takes on that responsibility. 

Acumatica is offering an even more unique approach. They don’t limit your business to a certain user count. Unlimited users get access to your system - a single source of truth to the entire organization and key partners. Now THAT is disruptive.

Things have changed in the ERP world. Access anytime, anywhere, and on any device to support your remote workforce; a modern technology stack enabled by web services to increase productivity and efficiency; and flexible pricing to extend your ERP to your entire organization. If a solution doesn’t offer these things, they’re behind the times. And as a customer using their software, you’ll always be a step behind the competition.

Algorithm is proud to be a Gold Partner with Acumatica, delivering connected business to you.  If you are interested in finding more about a solution to move your business ahead, let us know.  We’ll do all we can to help you be as good as you want to be.



Many Reasons...One Customizable Solution

Each of these businesses had their reasons. And understandably, it took some time for them to realize that their antiquated ERP systems were no longer enhancing productivity. They were holding them back.

Ultimately, each of them decided it was time to move to a modern ERP with Algorithm's support. Algorithm worked with them to understand what they needed, and it helped them put the solutions in place they needed to improve how they do business and get the results they’re looking for.

Are redundant workflows costing you money? Are you spending more time, money, and stress trying to get newer software to communicate with your outdated ERP?

Has your company recently changed leadership, and you're ready to re-evaluate processes to optimize for the future?

We're all faced with the defining moments. Reading the ERP tea leaves isn't that difficult

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