Over the last several months, after ECi terminated the reseller agreement with all resellers, a lot of confusion has arisen over what we can and can’t do now and going forward.

The fact is what we ‘cannot do’ is very limited as you’ll see below.

Our Capabilities

Algorithm has 200+ years of combined Macola experience. That doesn’t disappear overnight. We also have hundreds of Macola customers who depend on us and from whom we continue to draw this experience.

We have the best Macola Financial, Macola Distribution, Macola Manufacturing, Synergy, and WiSys minds anywhere.

Our network services team knows the platforms and operating systems that optimize Macola to run better. They’ve embraced on-premise and cloud technologies and integrate all of it with Office365 to make your office hum.

And our development team can make features feel like they were designed to fit your business. That’s because they are. We know the holes, the fixes and the bridges to extend the application.

Our Peer and Vendor Relationships

We have independent relationships with all the key third-party product companies such as WiSys, Data Masons, Avalara, Crystal Reports, Adaptive Data, Microsoft SSRS, Infor, Starship, Lynq, Exact Synergy and many others.

And with our Acumatica relationship, we have met many others that we can integrate to solve specific needs.

In short, we provide many solutions other than Macola.

And we have very close relationships with all other former Macola resellers. We leverage those relationships for unique skills or capacity. Alone, Algorithm is all you need. With our peers, our bench is deeper and stronger than any software publisher in this space.

Our Customer Relationships

In our recent legal action, preserving our customer relationships was our number one objective. Today we are proud to say that through our new arrangement with ECi, we continue to provide Macola services for nearly 200 companies.

If you (1)are a Macola user, (2)have executed a Third Party Access agreement (TPA) with Algorithm and ECi, and (3)are current on maintenance and support with ECi, then we will continue to perform services on your Macola software and related products (e.g., Avalara, F9, KnowledgeSync).

If you are a Macola user but have not executed a TPA or are not current on maintenance and/or support with ECi, Algorithm can not currently perform services on your Macola software and related products, but there is no limitation on our ability to perform Third-Party Professional Services and provide Third-Party Products.

If you are a registered customer of another former Macola reseller, we will not provide services or products to you, except where there is no conflict (a product or skill they do not offer) and your partner is fully aware of our involvement.

Our Future Direction

Algorithm remains committed to our customers both now and into the future, optimizing your Macola installation, helping to select and install third party products.

Our goal is to provide the same exceptional services and products to our Macola customers that they’ve come to expect if they remain Macola customers.

Please understand that ECi/Macola does not share product direction or strategy with us. For that, we encourage you to discuss the future of your products with them.

For our part, we have elected to work with current, modern, thriving ERP systems to grow our business and offer our customers paths forward with Algorithm.

Should you consider changing ERP systems, we want to be involved in that discussion.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

We’ve aligned ourselves with Acumatica’s Cloud ERP and have created the means for customers, who are considering another ERP, to move to Acumatica and minimize disruption.

Acumatica is a full-featured ERP system, deployed in the Amazon Cloud, in your private cloud such as Microsoft Azure, and in your facility ‘on-premise’.

Acumatica has an amazing development platform for unique requirements, approaching 100 integrated third-party products, and vertical solutions for manufacturing, distribution, project accounting, field service, e-commerce, construction, and on and on.

Exact Globe and Synergy

Synergy continues to be a game-changer. Business processes automation, workflow, document management, etc. If you’re already invested in Synergy, we have aligned ourselves through our partnership with Exceptional Software Solutions to allow you to continue to realize that investment, and move the ERP back office to Globe, or through the integration created by ‘ConnectIT’, we can integrate Synergy with Acumatica or SAP B1.

And licensing your Synergy product through us via Exact allows us to work with you without limitations.

SAP Business One

Through our partnership with Consensus, we also have an option to provide SAP Business One to our customers who are looking for a new ERP or wish to continue their investment in WiSys or Synergy Enterprise through our team.

In Closing

Every former Macola reseller has moved to represent new ERP solutions. Most have moved to Acumatica, some to SAP B1, and some to Exact. We are happy to represent all three.

We are still here, and still available to consult with you and your company, to define and implement best practices, to provide you solid, objective advice on new products whether they be to enhance Macola or to move to a new ERP solution.

We can provide small and large assessments of the way you use your software, objectively. Our development team knows Macola at the code level and can create customized solutions for that unique requirement, helping you attain a competitive advantage or increase efficiency.

When Macola/ECi’s helpdesk suggests you need professional services to implement a fix, we’re here for that. We can even manage that process for you, from logging a support ticket with Macola/ECi to implementing the fix that is required.

And we know you and your business. And we have worked very hard over these several months to be able to maintain that relationship. We hope you’ll continue to trust us and call on us.

We have attempted in this document to clarify our value proposition to our customers and other Macola users. Should you need additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact any of us at Algorithm.

Michael Oswalt

President, Algorithm Inc.

ECi and Macola are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECi Software Solutions, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All other trademarks may be trademarks of their respective owners.



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