Telesis, Inc. Success Story


Welcome to Telesis Inc., where every day is a captivating adventure. With a rich history of surprising strategic pivots, they've woven a unique narrative of success, making them a company that grew with and defined their hometown.

Telesis Inc. is a remarkable company that built its success on a foundation of growth in Lincoln, Nebraska. With a rich history spanning almost 40 years, Telesis has evolved from humble beginnings to become a leading player in data security, restaurants, food and beverage, real estate, and urban farming, all while staying true to their roots as a family-owned business. And yet, Telesis's story goes beyond business expansion. The company is deeply rooted in the Lincoln community, driven by a genuine desire to give back and contribute to their hometown. As they expanded operations and grew their reputation, one key factor played a pivotal role in their journey: the adoption of innovative Acumatica ERP software and their strong partnership with Algorithm Inc. Recognizing the need for streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and real-time data management, Telesis continued to make strategic software updates. The advancements enabled them to stay at the forefront of technology, improve their internal operations, and effectively meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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