Legacy Macola Suite FAQ

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Macola is a legacy ERP system that started in the 1970s and currently has three versions: Macola Progression, Macola ES, and Macola 10. Macola uses COBOL for its core functions and VBA for the API functionality. Macola suffers from an old client-server architecture. This problem is made worse by ECi’s acquisition of Macola from Exact in 2018. Specifically, Exact, a Dutch company, wrote much of Macola’s core Accounting and CRM functions. Under ECi’s control, Exact is no longer maintaining these core capabilities within Macola, and ECi is struggling to keep up with the needed functionality. 
Algorithm has worked in the Macola ERP space for 25+ years and our team has over 400 years of combined experience. Our on-premises and legacy system knowledge grew exponentially during the Macola systems era and has advanced into transitioning our customers to ultramodern systems and has taken countless companies from Macola to an ultramodern system.  A team of experts ensures major improvements through reduced process times, increased collaboration, and centralized enterprise data. Users can deploy Acumatica or Epicor on either a public or private cloud. Macola’s architecture requires a client-server setup, so even though Macola can run in the cloud with a web front-end, it is not a true cloud solution.
The need for current support is the most common reason why Macola users reach out to us here at Algorithm. Here is a list of FAQ we have compiled about the Macola Legacy ERP Suite.