Push Past These Common Manufacturing Challenges

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Solving Common Manufacturing Challenges

After 2020, it is an understatement to say that manufacturers have a tough job. It has been a time like no other in recent history, and the US manufacturing industry has felt the impact. Declines in production, forced shutdowns and employment issues are all reasons that have added challenges. If the everyday challenges aren’t enough, demanding customers, supply chain disruptions, and sporadic delays have forced manufacturers to adapt to change more rapidly than ever before. Instead of pushing against the same challenges, how can you break through and prosper?

To look ahead and be agile, there are solutions and those willing to help. Below is a discussion where Epicor explores strategies and expands upon the topics of:

Managing a Skilled Labor Shortage
Attracting job applicants is just one part of the equation. How does technology empower your existing staff and lead to less turnover? The events of 2020 changed the workforce forever. These days, there’s a greater emphasis on remote work capabilities than ever before. Employees need to be agile and flexible, relying on mobile devices and software to connect the entire organization…

Keep Your Shop Floor Equipment Running Smoothly
The key to an efficient shop floor is having actionable data. “Manufacturers are continually striving to streamline their business by increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing downtime,” Robling states. By using IoT solutions, you can easily and securely connect to smart devices that gather data to streamline your business. “By simply monitoring how long the process takes and using that
information to identify where there are bottlenecks, you can make changes to gain efficiencies,” he explains.

Allow Your IT Department to Shine
You already have a ton to keep track of. IT challenges shouldn’t have to take up more of your time. The good news is there are tools that allow your IT talent to be available for critical tech decisions instead of spending all their time upgrading software, pulling long data reports, and dealing with security breaches.


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