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The Acuminator, version 2.1.1 is here!

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Exact Autumn '19 Release Is Here!

Synergy gets even more new features, better functionality; just in time for fall.

At Algorithm, one of the things that has always impressed us about the team over at Exact is the constant effort they make to innovate and break new ground on behalf of their customers. Unlike other providers who are still clinging to feature sets that are woefully outdated (to put it generously), Exact is continuously updated and enhanced on a regular basis.

Case in point: The Exact Autumn 2019 update is here, and it brings with it a host of new features that we feel you're definitely going to want to learn more about.

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Using Technology to Change Your Business Into the One It Was Always Meant to Be

Feeling Sidelined by Digital?

When people think of the term "digital transformation," they grimace. That's because they're picturing all the effort, stress and hassle involved — NOT the opportunity that it really is.

Because the truth is, your marketplace is always evolving all around you. Today's trend is tomorrow's passing fad. Your audience is always one step ahead of the curve and you need to do whatever you can to keep up. Your business needs to change — not into what your customers want today, but what they NEED tomorrow.

Digital transformation using your ERP is how you do it.

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Are "Silos of Data" Really that Big of a Deal for Organizations?

Posted on May 10, 2018 by David Dozer

The short answer is kind of. 

But then this would be the shortest article ever written probably, and some folks might not find “kind of” to be a very fulfilling answer to the question posed.

Over my 15+ years of experience in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) world I’ve worn many hats and done everything from management to consulting to sales engineering, and I have to say that the term "Silos of Data" is probably one of the most commonly used analogies in the business. 

It’s especially used pervasively in white papers and sales engagements because the visual image that literal silos full of data evokes is frightening to C-level decision makers everywhere!

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Material Requirements Planning: Can it Help Me?

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) can be a daunting concept to discuss for implementation at your company.  Many companies have software that has the capabilities to facilitate MRP but the users simply don’t have the knowledge on how to set it up properly.  The larger MRP challenge beyond the lack of setup knowledge is how to actually utilize the information the system provides to support “make” and “buy” decisions.

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Top 10 Reasons SMEs Choose SAP Business One

Are you a small to midsize enterprise thinking about upgrading to an ERP solution? We recommend SAP Business One and below are 10 ways SAP can help transform your business.

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10 Reasons SMEs Choose SAP as Their ERP Software

Are you thinking about implementing SAP solutions for your small or medium business? 88,000 other businesses like you have done the same and below are the top reasons they have chosen to implement SAP over other ERP solutions. 

1. Leadership

SAP is the leading provider of enterprise applications, representing over 23% of the total enterprise applications on the market. 

2. Innovation

SAP's integrated solutions ensure consistency across all on-premise, on-demand and on-device applications. Through in-memory, cloud and mobile technologies, SAP builds on existing application platforms to help minimize disruptions for customers. 

3. Focus 

From manufacturing and wholesale to financial and public services, SAP has the industry experience to help run your company. SAP is able to support the needs of 25 different industries on one, single platform. 

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IRS Section 179 Used to Purchase ERP Software

If you are thinking of waiting to purchase new ERP software for 2013, DON’T! The tax deductions available in 2012 on ERP hardware and software purchases are too good to pass up.

IRS Section 179 is a great way to save on your cash outlays when you make ERP system hardware or software investments. Check out the investment incentives offered in the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Section 179 that are designed to stimulate economic activity by saving cash for small and mid-sized companies in the US. Available through the end of 2012, the IRS is offering a big tax deduction package for hardware and off-the-shelf software costs, whether they are outright cash purchases, investments financed with a loan, or purchases through a lease agreement.

Here are the specifics: In 2012 your company is allowed to deduct 100% of your investment costs up to $139,000 as an expense from net taxable income. This deduction makes your investment proposal much more achievable and attractive because it creates a significant and real cash outlay discount on your accounting system purchase.

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Best Selling Small Business ERP Now Available in the Cloud

What is Cloud Computing? Simply put it means you can access your computer resources through a web browser. There is no need to own any hardware or software. Cloud computing can open up new possibilities because small business can afford the same enterprise applications used by your larger competitors, leveling the playing field. 

SAP recently launched their cloud-based business management solution called SAP Business One OnDemand. This solution is designed specifically for small business needs. 

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The Five Step SAP Business One Accelerated Implementation Program

When businesses purchase enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business management software, they typically end up spending as much for implementation and consulting services as they do for the software licenses. Knowing this should serve as important motivation for customers to inform themselves of the key factors contributing to successful software implementations and the pitfalls they must avoid.

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