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Managing a Product Recall in Macola 10

Managing a product recall can be a disruptive and time consuming task.  But a solution is available to lessen the burden, create an auditable action plan, and increase the level of service these companies can provide.  Using a Macola10 workspace creates a single point of entry the entire recall management process.   

Once the items subject to recall are identified, a search of the on hand inventory and the sales history for the affected items can be conducted from a single screen.  By entering the known information, item number, lot number or serial numbers, etc.; a single recall report is displayed showing what items need action.  This may be inventory on hand that needs quarantined or disposed.  The customers and sales order details for the item are also listed.   

The recall report isn’t just a display of information, but is actionable as well.  Workflow can be created and routed to inventory management to act on the on hand inventory.  A mail merge to the customers that purchased the recalled product can be created and automatically sent to their address on file.  A workflow instructing the customer service staff to follow up with the affected customers can be generated by clicking on the customer name. 

After the recall has been communicated and the product disposition completed, the actions taken can be reported and a post mortem completed to make sure everything was done in compliance with the company recall policy.  Since each of the actions are recorded in the system along with appropriate date/time stamps, the recall timeline is completely transparent. 

As the marketplace begins to demand companies be good citizens; integrity and transparency become a value proposition.  Managing a recall crisis can make or break a company.  Using a comprehensive recall solution can prevent a recall from becoming a crisis.

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