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Top 10 Reasons SMEs Choose SAP Business One

Are you a small to midsize enterprise thinking about upgrading to an ERP solution? We recommend SAP Business One and below are 10 ways SAP can help transform your business.

1. Leadership

SAP is recognized as a leader by industry experts and trusted by 88,000 SME customers. In fact, 80% of SAP Business One customers have less than 50 users. SAP serves SMEs in 120 countries, in 24 industries and over 30 languages.

2. Complete

SAP delivers a complete set of solutions designed for SMEs, allowing you to make better decisions and streamline your process. At Algorithm, we specialize in SAP Business One, mobility and Crystal Solutions.

3. Choice

SAP offers complete, integrated functionality to fit the way your small or midsize enterprise does business.

SAP for SMEs

4. Industry

SAP supports 24 major industries and delivers over 1,300 industry-specific solutions. This industry expertise allows for out-of-the-box best practices and templates to implement solutions quickly.

5. Time to value

SAP helps you start fast and see results in weeks. With pre configured and pre integrated applications, your ERP will be up and running in 2 to 12 weeks and you can have business intelligence in the 1st day.

6. Insight

Turn confusing data clutter and outdated information into insight and real-time data. SAP’s business analytics solutions help you turn information into actionable insight. These solutions free you from sorting through ad hoc reports, spreadsheets and databases, giving you the insight that drives better decision making.

7. Innovation

SAP Business One delivers innovations that help your business succeed. SAP leads the industry in research and development to continue to build the best applications. This innovation allows SAP solutions to include mobility, cloud computing, analytics, in-memory and rapid deployment solutions.

SAP Business One for SMEs

8. Growth

SAP solutions are designed to adapt as your business grows. Whether you have 10 or 1,000 users, 100 transactions or 1 millions transactions..SAP has proven scalability to support your business. SAP’s adaptable solutions provide options for adding new functionality, enabling new business models or growing internationally. This flexible configuration allows you to buy what you need now and add more later.

9. Local

SAP Business One supports you wherever you are. Solutions are available in over 80 countries, over 30 languages and 50 country-specific versions. SAP partners, like Algorithm, provide local support 24x7.

10. Ecosystem

SAP's extensive ecosystem of partners, like Algorithm, and customers, like you, provide unlimited choices and resources. The range of products, services and problem solving is truely unbeatable.

Still not sure which ERP solution is right for your business? Click below to download our free infographic to help walk you through your decision. 


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