Information about Macola Solutions for Small to Midsize Businesses

The Best Certifications for Network Administrators 

The following is a guest post by Matt Oswalt. Matt is currently a Software Engineer at StackStorm and is also the author of the Keeping it Classless blog where he writes on the topics of networks, automation, systems, and software engineering.

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Microsoft Exchange 2016 vs. Office 365: Email Showdown

In the arena of Microsoft email servers, two options are available for customers to manage their internal written communication: Exchange Server 2016 and Office 365.

Each has its own advantages and implementation challenges and finding the right one to fit the company can sometimes be daunting. Boiled down, the main difference is one is a self-hosted system (Exchange 2016) and the other is cloud based (Office 365).

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CryptoLocker: the Internet's Best Way to Get You to Backup Your Files

Posted on June 30, 2016 by John Jones

Unless you’d been living under the proverbial rock, you probably have heard of the CryptoLocker variants of malware showing up in your email box in the last couple of years. These typically arrive in your inbox as a ZIP, DOC or RAR attachment on a seductively worded email from UPS, various airlines or even your bank.

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What if the Internet goes out, and I have Algorithm-hosted VoIP?

Posted on April 25, 2016 by John Jones

A Quick Refresher on VoIP

VoIP is Voice overIP. Voice overIP has a way to transmit telephone calls over a network connection. In the old days, POTS or 'Plain Old Telephone System' managed transmission over copper wire. This no longer is a requirement for voice communication.

What is Cloud Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP is the ability to have your phone system hosted in the cloud in Algorithm's data center. By doing this, you have a number of benefits. Namely, if the Internet were to go out at your organization, your phone system is still functioning, up and running, and the phone calls are still answered by the auto attendant.

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Steps For Moving a Macola Database From SQL 2000 to SQL 2012

So you have a brand new Windows Server 2008 R2 server loaded with a sparkling fresh copy of Microsoft SQL 2012 standard. How do you get your precious Macola database off of the old and busted SQL 2000 server and onto the new one without losing your data (and your mind) in the process? 

If It Ain’t Broke…

Many of us have waited way too long to upgrade our Macola databases and servers to a version that was actually created in this century. But in this economy you do what you have to do to survive. Not to worry, there is still hope for a well-planned and successful migration to a new SQL 2012 server with just an extra step or two.

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How to Successfully Run Exact Synergy on a Mac

Due to the nature of Exact’s Synergy product requiring the use of ActiveX, Synergy customers have always been left out in the cold when it comes to utilizing non-Windows Operating Systems and non-Internet Explorer browsers.

There are a number of ways to help Mac users take advantage of Windows-only applications. All of the below provide the ability to run Windows apps on a Mac.

  • Citrix Xenapp - for enterprise-wide distribution of applications 
  • Parallels - for individual Mac-controlled programs 
  • VMWare Fusion
  • Oracle’s VirtualBox

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Getting The Most From Your Macola

Macola customers need more efficient systems to remain agile. Systems that bend and mold with business processes. Macola ES is now a decade old and while Exact continues to pursue technology and bug fixes, few innovations are coming forward in my opinion. The good news is that this innovation vacuum has been met by a devoted Macola reseller and third party community to provide new features and functionality.

Here is a statistic that I tout every day within our organization. For every $1 of Exact license revenue we resell, we deliver another $8 in third party applications built to optimize Macola products.

Where are those dollars going?

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Is Cloud Hosted Macola For You?

Posted on April 16, 2013 by John Jones

There are thousands of Macola ES and Progression customers worldwide that could benefit from having Macola hosted in the cloud.

Cloud services have come so far in the last 5 years that it makes perfect sense to have Algorithm's Exact-certified experts dedicated specifically to Macola, manage your Progression or ES server in the cloud. Algorithm Hosted Services provide cloud servers that utilize many features for small and mid-sized companies ordinarily only available to much larger organizations.

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Managed IT Services Success Story: MAC Trailer

MAC Trailer is based in Alliance, Ohio and is a long-time Algorithm customer and Macola user. MAC is respected as the nation's foremost manufacturer of steel and aluminum trailers and straight truck bodies. You have probably seen their trailers on the highway!

MAC Trailer enlisted the support of Algorithm's Managed IT Services in 2011 because they were looking for a partner that would provide the expertise and responsiveness they had received through Algorithm's other support services.

Dennis Postiy, VP Business Administration at MAC Trailer, describes the relationship between his team and Algorithm's Network Services Manager, John Jones. "John learned about our company and environment and very quickly fit in with our IT group. He was able to work with our group to fix a number of lingering problems and address issues that could become problems down the road. At the same time, John is able to educate our IT team and help them be better at their own jobs."

Read the full success story

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Self-Hosted vs Cloud Hosted Exact Macola Solutions

Companies we work with generally either host their Exact Macola solution on-premise, at their location or in the Algorithm data center. At Algorithm, we support both of these solutions - cloud hosted and self-hosted, on-premise Macola. We explain the major differences and frequently asked questions about both in the post below.

Algorithm Cloud Hosted Macola

What is Hosted Macola?

Cloud Hosted Macola is a new total-managed technology option for small and medium-sized organizations. Think of it as a technology cooperative (CO-OP). Instead of organizations purchasing their own servers, applications, licenses, and hiring expensive support staff, the companies subscribe to Algorithm Hosted Services. They share the infrastructure while maintaining complete and secure separation of their information. Perhaps you've heard the term "Application Service Provider" or ASP – that’s Algorithm!

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