How Acumatica’s Award-Winning Usability Empowers Success


When shopping for ERP software, companies often focus on what the system does and overlook how it performs for each user. Unfortunately, failing to recognize the correlation between end-user experience and business outcomes puts companies at substantial risk. For example, Gallup uses technology experience as one way to measure employee engagement. Companies that effectively engage staff experience 21% higher productivity, 20% higher sales and 10% higher customer ratings, and 41% lower absenteeism. Meanwhile, poor employee engagement costs companies around the globe $450–550 billion in yearly losses.1 Users avoid ERP software that does not perform the way they want. Instead, they create manual workarounds that increase errors and information siloes. Therefore, companies should analyze usability from multiple perspectives when evaluating ERP systems and understand how the software performs critical operations. In addition, user expectations vary by role, technology savvy, professional experience, and background. Executives have different expectations than field workers. Usability expectations also vary among digital immigrants, digital natives, and power users. Companies must evaluate ERP usability by function to determine how the software facilitates different operations and whether the usability enhances efficiency or compromises it. Acumatica delivers superior usability to all employees and departments by enabling diverse users to efficiently complete their work with a minimal learning curve and without IT assistance. Acumatica’s user-centric interface, simplified navigation, and streamlined integrations deliver optimal usability. As a result, Acumatica consistently wins customer and industry awards for usability. This eBook provides an overview of essential usability characteristics and their impact. Discover how usability expectations vary between users based on their roles, departments, and backgrounds. Learn how to leverage a highly usable, modern ERP solution to amplify business outcomes throughout the organization.


Why ERP Usability Matters

Too few companies consider how their technologies’ usability affects their ability to meet mounting, diverse challenges. For example, when workers must navigate multiple systems, multi-step processes, and disjointed workflows to complete everyday tasks, profitability suffers. Learn how superior ERP usability empowers users with intuitive, integrated processes, automated tasks, artificial intelligence, and collaboration tools that promote growth while alleviating frustration.

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