Streamline Shipments for Acumatica Distribution and Manufacturing

This eBook provides an overview of connected shipping and ERP applications with considerations for specific industry segments, automation benefits, and tips for shipping integration configuration. Discover how to seamlessly calculate shipping rates from sales order entry with shipment preparation during order fulfillment. 

Learn how to process shipments effectively, manage shipping documents, analyze shipment data, and avoid common shipping mistakes. A feature checklist provides insights into ERP system functionality needed to streamline shipping activities.

Shipping mistakes erode margins and cause late or incorrect shipments that push customers to competitors. Connecting ERP software with your shipping or carrier systems alleviates manual processes while eliminating documentation and labeling mistakes that impact shipment dates and costs. System integration and process automation verify the correct products were picked and packed for each shipment, improving customer retention, and boosting profits.

Download full Streamline Shipments with Acumatica PDF