Industry Brief- Multimodal Configure to Order Manufacturing

configure to order

This industry brief explains configure-to-order manufacturing with an overview of ERP technologies and features. Discover how leading manufacturers thrive with a modern ERP platform designed for configure-to-order manufacturing.

Configure-to-Order (CTO) manufacturers create or select products by using combinations of validated features, options, values, or attributes. Configuration rules ensure product integrity. Final configurations create unique manufacturing bills of material, routings, costs, and prices for customer quotes and sales orders. 

Acumatica provides several options to streamline sales for variable products—matrix items, a native product configurator application, and a connected CPQ application for advanced configuration functionality. Acumatica’s matrix item feature uses attributes such as size, style, and color to generate inventory items with unique identification numbers, descriptions, and prices. Matrix items are useful for managing raw materials or purchased products such as hardware, fashion, or home goods. Users can select items for quotes, sales orders, or purchase orders using attributes to identify the correct matrix item or groups of items.

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