ERP Comparisons: Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP

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Magic Quadrant Cloud ERP

Insights and comparisons: Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises

Gartner Magic Quadrant research is published annually to provide a graphical competitive positioning of four types of technology providers in fast-growing markets: Leaders, Visionaries, Niche Players and Challengers.

This analysis offers visual snapshots, in-depth analyses and actionable advice to provide you insight into a market's direction, maturity and participants. Magic Quadrants compare vendors based on Gartner's standard criteria and methodology. Both Acumatica and Epicor are examined in the report:

Acumatica is a Niche Player in this Magic Quadrant. The product evaluated is the Acumatica Cloud ERP suite. Acumatica targets midsize organizations globally through a network of partners. It provides financial management and operational ERP capabilities for midsize organizations. Consider Acumatica if you represent a midsize enterprise in North America or EMEA that is looking for a cloud-native ERP solution.

Built specifically for midsize enterprises: Acumatica’s strategy is to provide operational ERP capabilities in the cloud for midsize manufacturing organizations. Acumatica engages its customer base of midsize and small enterprises through value-added resellers. Although Acumatica is readily available throughout North America, it is white-labeled in other world regions by OEMs such as MYOB, Cegid and Lexware.

Discrete manufacturing and distribution: For midsize enterprises, Acumatica provides well-regarded operational ERP capabilities to manage the manufacturing of discrete goods and the distribution of those goods to customers.

Customer satisfaction: Gartner’s interactions with Acumatica customers have shown high levels of satisfaction with regard to Acumatica as a vendor, its product quality, and its pricing for operational ERP capabilities.

Epicor is a Visionary in this Magic Quadrant. The solution evaluated is Epicor Kinetic, which provides general-purpose operational ERP capabilities. Epicor Kinetic is sold and implemented both directly and through partners. Epicor has a strong focus on delivering midmarket operational ERP in its cloud and a good vision for using the Microsoft Azure platform. Epicor Kinetic supports five major industries: automotive, retail, distribution, building supply and discrete manufacturing. Midsize enterprises in these sectors should consider Epicor.

Understanding of midmarket operational ERP customers’ needs: Epicor delivers a solid operational ERP solution for midmarket manufacturing and distribution companies, along with adjacent capabilities for demand planning, inventory and warehouse management.

Support for major industries: Midsize manufacturers can select from a broad range of vertical categories as a result of Epicor’s focus on the manufacturing, distribution, retail, consumer packaged goods and construction sectors. They will benefit from the company’s industry expertise, accelerators for built-in functionality, discrete manufacturing coverage and consistent UI across the product set.

Use of Microsoft Azure platform for scalability: Epicor’s partnership with Azure confers the ability to scale fit-for-use solutions for customers and supports its global expansion strategy.