Prepare for the Factory of the Future with Acumatica Manufacturing

factory of future

Who could imagine a day when we would see products printed in plastic and metal on a 3D printer, or batteries that are grown from viruses, or contact lenses that zoom in like binoculars with the click of your eye? Technology is vital for manufacturers to design and produce high-quality products.

Technology is just as crucial to manage business processes.
Growing manufacturers and those using entry-level accounting or legacy manufacturing ERP systems must modernize factory and business operations to remain competitive. To maintain their competitive edge, manufacturers may need to replace their business systems or acquire bolt-on applications with limited integration and high installation, maintenance, and support costs. This playbook provides manufacturers with an overview of manufacturing ERP features and advice for connecting ERP applications with innovative manufacturing technologies. In addition, it includes a self-assessment to determine what steps to take next with strategies to execute on technology implementations, setting a future-proof platform for growth.

Introduction to Manufacturing ERP
There are eight feature categories manufacturers need to consider when modernizing their manufacturing operations and business systems. These are general features, accounting, order management, inventory management, product design, production management, planning and scheduling, and analytics and reporting. These feature sets are crucial to every factory modernization project. They provide manufacturers with the tools they need to eliminate manual data entry, streamline business processes, connect to modern manufacturing technologies, and improve visibility into all manufacturing business transactions.

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