Datasheet Production Mgmt. MFG Edition

Production Mgmt Datasheet
Production Management Production management is challenging without the right tools. Acumatica helps manufacturers to respond with flexibility to adapt to ever-changing schedules, unplanned breakdowns, late supplier deliveries, and other exceptions.

• Tag Production Orders to Sales Orders for MTO manufacturing environments
• Build to stock with MRP for MTS environments.  
• Gain insights into production order status including real-time job costs.

Key business benefits
• Coordinate labor, machines, and inventory and optimize your company’s processes.
• Streamline outside processing for vendor shipments and costs.
• Substitute operations and materials on a production order.
• Lot and serial numbers are assigned using purchase receipts, inventory issues, and     manufacturing transactions.
• Gain insights to production order status and work in process.

Take Control Over Production Costs and Schedules with Automation and Real-Time Manufacturing Insights Create production orders from bills of material and routing standards. Release and schedule production orders. Manage outside processes and track materials and labor costs for work in process (WIP) with detailed cost analysis reports, inquiries, and dashboards. Gain valuable insights into production with real-time dashboards, flexible Generic Inquiries, and dozens of personalized reports such as the Production Order Labor Efficiency Report.

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