Datasheet MFG Data Collection

datasheet data collection mobile

Automate shop floor material and labor transactions with barcode scanning and mobile apps for manufacturing transactions for real-time visibility into production from the shop floor and detailed work in process analysis.

  • Print barcodes on production tickets.
  • Automate data entry with mobile apps.
  • Issue materials to production orders.
  • Clock-in and clock-out of labor operations.

Manufacturing Data Capture from the Shop Floor via Rugged Devices
Print barcoded production tickets and labels to scan material movement and labor 
transactions directly from the shop floor in real time. Automated data capture via 
rugged mobile devices for improved data accuracy eliminating the need for manual, 
after-the-fact data entry for shop floor transactions.

Live data is available from role-based dashboards with actionable reports and inquiries 
providing into factory activities for detailed analysis with push notifications when shop 
floor incidents require immediate attention.

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