Mint Jutras Business Management Software Report 2021

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Is your business management software addressing today's business challenges?

Mint Jutras is an independent research and advisory firm that specializes in analyzing the business impact of enterprise applications.

"Cloud computing and advanced technology that supports connectivity, collaboration, automation and agility have stepped out of the realm of nice to have and have become critical. One thing that has become clear: legacy systems need to be modernized, extended, Web-enabled and replaced with a cloud-based solution to support remote working."

The first step in transforming your business should be the selection of a strong platform. By “platform”, Mint Jutras explains that they mean the architecture and the underlying tools and technology used to develop and operate the solution. Developers benefit from using the services delivered with a platform, speeding the development process. But how does that translate to benefits to the business? The obvious answer, that is outlined in the report, is the delivery of more features and functions. Innovation is what companies want to accelerate their pace of change. But with one large caveat – less disruption.

Most people understand the need for innovative platforms with less disruption, but not all platforms are created equal and not all companies need all the features they offer. More specifically, nobody wants to pay for functionality that isn’t utilized. Companies need to look for the platform that web-enables the solution (or not) and allows it to run in the cloud (or not). It’s not about being contradictory, it’s about finding the right software that makes the solutions applicable, configurable and allow you to personalize and tailor it without invasive coding. And that is just the beginning of what an innovative platform needs to do.

This report goes in depth in where you should begin when considering which platform will be the strongest for your business, which components to look for, what a complete solution looks like, getting to the cloud, SaaS, replacement strategy and other key takeaways.