Portacool Awarded Manufacturing Customer of the Year

Portacool, LLC, an East Texas-based leader in the evaporative cooling industry with a 30-year history and a thriving brand in the Portacool and Kuul evaporative cooling products originally teamed up with Algorithm years ago for ERP help. The initial goal was to install and utilize Macola, a now legacy ERP platform. Over the years both companies worked together and have flourished, resulting in Portacool’s need to upgrade the system and Algorithm’s decision to partner with companies offering modern ERP solutions.

Planning for change, Portacool evaluated many options and chose to continue working with Algorithm because of the relationship and quality delivered on past projects. They also decided Algorithm’s recommendation of selecting Acumatica Cloud ERP was the right approach. That decision paid off.

Portacool now has an extraordinarily flexible ERP platform, allowing them to dictate the structure of data, instead of the other way around. This flexibility means cleaner data, a refreshed approach to processes, more meaningful reports and better usability. The advancement was significant, and Acumatica took notice. At the beginning of 2022, Portacool and Algorithm joined together, at Acumatica’s annual Summit, to celebrate Portacool’s acceptance of Manufacturing Customer of the Year. The award signifies innovation and identifies companies who exemplify the use of Acumatica’s platform to modernize analog processes and ultimately become a digital business.


About Portacool

Portacool portable evaporative coolers offer a wide range of cooling solutions for many applications – including industrial, automotive, and residential – to aid in heat safety and productivity. The extensive line of portable evaporative coolers offers an array of sizes and features to suit cooling needs in any space. All Portacool products are backed by Portacool Protect™, which includes market-leading warranties on all electrical components and a lifetime warranty on the housing, along with world-class customer service. To learn more or find a retailer, portacool.com. Find accessories and replacement parts at shop.portacool.com.