WiSys Manufacturing Execution

Real-time manufacturing reporting for POP and SFC production environments.

The WiSys Manufacturing Execution solution ensures your production runs smoothly. This solution works for Production Order Processing and Shop Floor Control.

POP Execution (PPE)
WiSys POP Execution (PPE) takes a POP module and makes it relevant to the warehouse by allowing you to identify Bill of Material components as material that should be issued to a POP order instead of simply backflushed. This is typically done on a mobile data collection device but can also be done at a workstation.

Shop Floor Execution (SFE)
WiSys Shop Floor Execution (SFE) is a robust, yet simple to use solution that makes Shop Floor data collection in the warehouse easy. With SFE you can issue and return raw materials to a Shop order as well as report production using either a mobile data collection device or on a workstation.