Exact Synergy 

A powerful, web-based workflow and document management solution that can help improve efficiency and collaboration within your company.

Exact Synergy is a web-based application that adds functionality to your ERP system, including dashboards, sales management, workflow, document management and project management. It supports your business processes and makes it easy to quickly retrieve the information you require.

Exact Synergy improves collaboration within your company and enhances your business results. Synergy ensures that all information about your clients, finance and workforce is located in one central place, and that everyone can work with the same up-to-date data. You gain a clear overview of your business.

Processes In Exact Synergy

Automate your HR processes and make use of workflows, document management, social collaboration and a self-service app.

Maintain process steps and responsibilities in digital workflows. With direct insight into status and progress.

Document Management
Central management of documents as an integral component of your processes. From contact report to project file.

Project Management
Connect people, work activities and documents. From invoice history to project status.

360-degree insight into everything that occurs with (potential) customers. From ongoing projects and open posts to the latest customer contact.

Social Collaboration
#shortlines. Make the sharing of news
and information on timelines an integral component of your projects and processes.

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