Fast, flexible, cost-effective shipping for Kinetic ERP

ERP Quick Ship

Increase productivity with Quick Ship

Cloud migration is on fire as manufacturers and distributors like
you seek to enable remote work, optimize technology spending
and improve operational efficiency.

In 2021, Bain & Company® reported that more than one third of
companies found their technology fell short in providing needed
insights and advocated cloud-based solutions to increase agility
and resiliency. McKinsey and Company agreed, emphasizing the
risks for those who fail to evolve and the competitive advantage for
those who do.

Yet, as American industrialist Henry Ford said, "Improved
productivity means less human sweat, not more."

Quick Ship helps you heed that advice — by automating repetitive
processes like rate shopping, shipment emails and paperwork, you
can reduce labor and shipping costs as well as fines and surcharges
related to manual copy and paste errors.

It's also 'one-stop shopping'. As the only shipping software with
real-time, comprehensive, seamless integration to Epicor® ERP
platforms, Quick Ship offers the convenience of a single vendor to
Epicor ERP customers.

Available in Microsoft Azure®, Quick Ship keeps your business
running and your technology flexible and current, without
the hassle of VPN access. Not to mention its cost-effectiveness as a
cloud solution.

And, with multiple carrier options and integrated HazMat
compliance software, your flexibility and cost savings can increase
even further.


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