Cross Epicor Automation Studio

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Integrate your Epicor products and automate your workflows end-to-end across your apps, data, and teams.

The Integration Problem
By not implementing integrations, employees at enterprise organizations can’t access the data they need in the apps they use every day, such as Salesforce, ADP, and ServiceNow. This creates data silos, where employees are forced to: search for data across apps, re-enter data several times, and constantly context switch across applications to accomplish tasks.
The Challenges of Integration
A viable integration solution requires more than just transporting single data objects across applications. It requires multi-step processes with business logic, workflow capabilities, one-to-many or many-to-one data mappings, and more.
Some of the issues we see with integration solutions today:
  • Powerful integration products are oriented toward technical users, while citizen integrator products sacrifice capability for usability
  • Adding new, complex integrations can involve long implementation times, spanning months, while new apps are coming online much faster than that.
  • Integration platform products are relatively high cost, sometimes costing more than the applications being connected.
  • IT needs visibility into the integration processes. Where necessary, it should be possible for IT and business users to collaborate in creating and managing integration solutions.

Bridge the Business/IT Gap
Automation Studio is an intelligent automation tool embedded in Epicor that makes it viable for business users to act as citizen developers and integrators in collaboration with IT for governance:
  • Cloud platform for elastic, serverless operation 
  • Covers all use cases for all departments
  • Self-service access to connectors and recipes
Connect Epicor to 1,000+ External Apps
Modern robotic process automation (RPA) combines fit-for-purpose technologies such as APIs for robust and reliable interactions with modern systems, parsers for leveraging information from documents or images, and scraping technologies for websites and older systems.
  • Embedded Epicor connector for external apps, as well as internal app-to-app 
  • Connector selections for every department



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