WiSys is a key Algorithm partner and leading provider of fully integrated inventory, distribution, and manufacturing business solutions. With un-matched experience, Wisys provides tools that allow customers to monitor, analyze and act upon critical processes related to their ERP data, extending the value of their investment.

WiSys Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions include:

  • Warehouse Management (WMS)— The WMS service includes key features such as:
    • Inventory Management
    • Physical/Cycle Counting
    • Shipping
    • Pallet Management

In addition to these benefits, WiSys' WMS software has the Agility Adapatable Framework built into the system. This framework is designed to adapt to the unique processes that each business requires, allowing for customizable workflows without modifying source code.

  • Shipping Logistics— The WiSys Shipping Logistics cover both warehouse shipping and advanced packing and shipping (APS). Because this part of the process is one of the most complex processes, WiSys allows for a completely-customizable solution that fits the needs of the business.
  • Manufacturing Execution— WiSys offers a flexible application that allows for real-time reporting of material and production to a mobile device or a desktop work center. The Manufacturing Execution solution offers POP Execution (PPE) and Shop Floor Execution (SFE).
  • Order Management— The Order Management features provides tools for managing the creation of sales orders, filing backorders based on unique customer requirements, and scheduling replenishments of purchased or manufactured items. 
  • Developer Software Developer Kit (SDK)— The Developer SDK solution gives you the ability to rapidly deploy new business processes based on current functionality.

Available WiSys Solutions: