John Jones

Director of Network Services

As Director of Network Services, John is responsible for providing excellent IT customer service every time. This includes both internal customers, the employees of Algorithm, as well as providing full IT support for Algorithm’s 300 nationwide customers. John has an additional role as hosted services manager. Algorithm’s hosted services customers are housed in a Chicago data center and John provides full installation, support and maintenance for those customers.

John started his IT career in the late 80’s working the night shift in the MIS department for the parent company of Sears Portrait Studio while attending Washington University in St Louis. 25 years later, he still enjoys getting flummoxed on an issue he can’t immediately solve. John has been an Algorithm team member since 2005 and can think of nothing he’d rather want to do (unless he happens to win the lottery). Prior to Algorithm, John worked in IT for retail, healthcare, manufacturing and publishing companies, in both the “not for profit” and “for profit” sectors.

After interviewing with Mike and Mimi at Algorithm in 2005, John was sent his three-page employment contract written entirely in Pig Latin. He absolutely had to accept the offer knowing this was going to be no ordinary company.

Q: Besides switching from an old system, what's your best advice for ERP users?

A: Always consider others and try to use patience and understanding while working with any software. ERP isn’t always a simple switch, but there’s a lot of opportunity here. You just have to have some patience.

Q: What's your best piece of advice for a company looking to implement an ERP system?

A: I think what’s most important is to set up (and use) a test server. Piloting is one of the most beneficial things a company can do before implementation. Too many customers are too eager to go live without taking the steps to pilot. This can cause problems down the road. It’s better to make wise first steps, ensuring a steady progression and fewer problems.

Q: What is a favorite feature of Exact Synergy or Acumatica?

A: I love Acumatica. I'm so pleased with the innovative cloud platform that Acumatica resides in. It makes setup and management a breeze! I think it’s one of the best components of the work we do — it provides clear benefits almost immediately.

Q: What is the best advice you've received from your mom?

A: Don't go to bed angry. Work out your issues before bed, and you'll sleep well. It’s something I’ve worked on over the years, and I think most people can benefit from it.

Q: What is your favorite way of spending the weekend?

A: I like to travel to new places with family when I have the opportunity. In our house, we practice happiness in motion!

Q: Once all the travel bans are lifted and life goes back to normal, where are you looking forward to traveling? What do you love most about this destination?

A: We've been all over but find Ireland to be our favorite place. The people make it the best. They are warm, inviting and love food and drink! There are few places where we've been that feel as close to home as Ireland. Once we can all travel again, I recommend anyone take the trip and experience it for themselves.

Q: What's your wish for all ERP right now?

I hope our users' ERP systems allow them to forgo working nights and weekends. Let’s get some quality of life back by letting the technology do the work for us instead.


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