Business Process Experts First—ERP Systems Experts Second

One of the things that makes us unique in this particular industry is that our people are not only are experts in the software and in the implementation of that software, but they go far beyond that to actually understand our customer's businesses and unique needs and try to develop and implement solutions that are tailored specifically for them.


Meet the Team

Mike Oswalt


Mimi Bertram

Vice President

Andy Smith

Business Application Consultant


John Jones

Director of Network Services

Jonathan Nelson

Business Application Consultant

Kristin Christian

Business Application Consultant


Jeremy Williams

Network Services Manager

Jerry Kurtz

Development Services Lead

Beth Harris

Customer Service


Dennis Easter

Business Application Consultant

Andy Arnone

Network, EDI, and Database Consultant

Liam O'Hara

Staff Accountant


Emily Oswalt

F&A Administrator

Eva James

Account Manager

Larry McDonough

Business Development Manager


Let’s Talk

With our collective experience, we’ve literally seen it all. From ballooning maintenance bills to systems that don’t speak to one another, we’ve migrated firms in months not years, and in the process tackled some real ERP doozies. Every situation started the same way—with a conversation. So, let’s talk.