Customer Care

Let's face it, the reason you are installing an integrated enterprise solution is to do more business and make more money. It doesn't do you much good if it isn't running at its best. Algorithm's Client Care Agreements blanket you with expertise on all levels of the product, from installation to routine questions.

We have full-time professionals at the end of a toll-free line ready to help with your technical issues. Many of our technicians hold the same certifications as the consulting staff.

We've also made a significant investment in WebEx, our remote customer care software. All you need is the Internet and a browser. This allows our technicians to be on your system faster than you can get anyone on site.

Every truly integrated enterprise solution should include a customer care program - anybody that tells you otherwise probably can't support you like Algorithm can.

WebEx, our partner in web-based Customer Care

Algorithm has selected WebEx as our partner for web-based customer care, training and presentations. For more information on WebEx, click the logo, which will open the WebEx site in a separate window.

Existing Algorithm clients, in accordance with our customer care plan, can login using their name and customer care number. After login, our technicians will walk you through the process of sharing your application with one of our staff to help resolve your issue, or for training purposes.

At the completion of your customer care experience, you will be presented with a questionnaire from WebEx. This is voluntary and may be closed if you wish not to complete it.