Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting

Corporate Performance Management Tools—The Missing Ingredient to Your Success

What is Corporate Performance Management?

Put simply, it is the process of leveraging modeling, planning, reporting, and analytical tools to improve a company. It is tapping into previously underutilized insights to make smarter business decisions.

Too often business leaders are flying blind or making decisions using a limited scope of unorganized or outdated information. Unfortunately, it is easy to not focus on these missed opportunities—the old “ignorance is bliss” trap. Some opportunities that come with CPM are:

  • Better access to time sensitive data for better decisions
  • Faster budget planning cycle with fewer iterations
  • More relevant forecasts by improving process using updated data
  • Ability to measure accuracy of forecasts based on comparison to actual in order to better control process
  • Reduced financial close and report distribution cycle
Who is Corporate Performance Management Right For?

Your company could be a candidate for CPM if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Your organization heavily reliant on spreadsheets to analyze data
  • You have compliance requirements that could be in jeopardy with manual process
  • You would like to link the achievement of corporate goals to operational activities
  • Assessing financial data takes too much time and it takes too long to distribute financial reports
  • Your company is growing but your manual processes can’t scale efficiently with that growth
  • Your financial data analysis is not integrated with your ERP system
An In-Depth Exploration of CPM


Shortening Your Month-End Close with CPM
Algorithm's Suite of CPM Tools
Power BI

Solver's BI360

What is Does: Full-featured CPM with reporting, budgeting, and dashboards that connect the dots of your diverse data sources

Who it Best Helps: Affordable pricing for small-to-midsized enterprises but CPM capabiltiies can scale for enterprises


What is Does: Financial, management, and multi-entity reporting, and close management

Who it Best Helps: Small-to-midsized enterprises looking for more controlled financial reporting


What is Does: Leading CPM with forecasting, budgeting and planning, reporting, analytics, and enhanced automation

Who it Best Helps: Larger enterprises with complex financial and planning needs 

Power BI

What is Does: Data visualization with drill down capability

Who it Best Helps: Microsoft Office 365 users and small businesses looking for quick reporting and a simple dashboard solution

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