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What is the Difference Between Macola 10 and Macola ES?

When Macola ES hit the market it was strictly an EPR software. The system was essentially your accounting/ordering and handling all of ERP functionality. More recently, Exact has released Macola 10 and the difference between EM10 and Macola ES can often get confused.

Exact Macola 10's Four Pillars

What Exact has done with Exact Macola 10 is interesting—they've rolled up four of their separate products that all complemented one another into a single platform.  Now these features have all combined to integrateexact_logo-png.png together smoothly. So if you've got Macola ES you have the ERP pillar of Exact Macola 10, with the three other pillars being their:

  • CRM solution
  • Event Manager solution
  • Customizable workspaces

With the CRM functionality you can actually keep track of all your workflow tasks. All the customer information that you might need for each of these accounts, vendors, resellers, etc. With Event Manager you can have automated triggers on your SQL server to send out invoices to customers, confirm orders when they're received.

And finally you've also got a nicer web-based, customizable workspace  tool that you can have all that run through. You can drill down through menus, do all your work in one windowpane because it's all integrated into one another. Therefore, you can access all parts of these four systems under one roof, as opposed to having to jump around to four different systems. Here is a great resource if you are looking to learn more about Macola 10.

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