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What if the Internet goes out, and I have Algorithm-hosted VoIP?

A Quick Refresher on VoIP

VoIP is Voice overIP. Voice overIP has a way to transmit telephone calls over a network connection. In the old days, POTS or 'Plain Old Telephone System' managed transmission over copper wire. This no longer is a requirement for voice communication.

What is Cloud Hosted VoIP?

Cloud_VoIP.pngHosted VoIP is the ability to have your phone system hosted in the cloud in Algorithm's data center. By doing this, you have a number of benefits. Namely, if the Internet were to go out at your organization, your phone system is still functioning, up and running, and the phone calls are still answered by the auto attendant.

Algorithm's voice over IP solution is hosted, so that means it's backed up on a regular basis. It's managed by data professionals that are experts in Voice over IP. Algorithm's Voice over IP hosted service also provides customers the ability to use the benefits that are inherent to voice over IP, such as Internet connectivity for voice over IP calls.

You can do many things with voice over IP calls such as having voicemail go directly to your email and having the voice calls go to many different devices such as an iPad or a computer. Voice over IP also provides other benefits such as a set monthly bill as opposed to a usage bill with plain old telephone systems.

What if I Don't Have Algorithm Hosted VoIP?

If the Internet goes out for most VoIP solutions, the calls are lost. The customer on the other end gets a busy signal, and the calls don't get through, and sales aren't made. With Algorithm-hosted voice over IP, the calls actually go to a data center.

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