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The Algorithm Team Interview: Beth Harris

As a Customer Care professional, Beth Harris cares about her team and customers, but she also knows how to unwind and have a great time.


Beth has been with Algorithm for since February of 1998. Before coming to Algorithm, she worked for 10 years in administrative, sales and international ERP teams. As you can imagine, Beth brings a lot of knowledge and care to Algorithm’s customers.

Fun Facts

When she isn't in the office, Beth enjoys being with her family, riding her motorcycle and helping animals.

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The Algorithm Team Interview: Jerry Kurtz

As the Development Services Lead at Algorithm, Jerry is responsible for leveraging ERP and 3rd-party solutions/add-ons to customize and enhance the overall functionality and user experience of Algorithm’s clients’ installations. 

The range is from simple process automation to complex integration with other in-house systems as well as custom software solutions.


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The Algorithm Team Interview: Dennis Easter

As a Consultant at Algorithm, Dennis is responsible for working with customers to learn about their businesses, and helping them use software to achieve their goals.

Dennis’s responsibilities include: discovering the unique aspects of each customer’s business process and their goals for improvement, communicating how the software will help with those improvements, training their staff on effective use of the software, and supporting them if problems are encountered once they start using it.

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The Algorithm Team Interview: Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins brings a wealth of experience to his role as an Account Manager at Algorithm. Jeff’s post-graduate background includes over 10 years in the mortgage and finance industries, with an emphasis on sales and account management, and almost 5 years in the software industry.

He was the Business Development Director for a financial asset analysis and trading software developer, responsible for all aspects of the client and partner acquisition processes in addition to being a key contributor to corporate messaging and branding, marketing, and sales efforts. Jeff dramatically increased company sales, in part, by establishing significant partnerships and alliances with several large international financial institutions.

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The Algorithm Team Interview: Carl McKinney

As an Account Manager with Algorithm Carl McKinney is responsible for delivering upon the high standard to excellence that is synonymous with the Algorithm brand. Through keen partnerships and by utilization of the customer experience as his guide Carl is responsible for the delivery of measurable change to the bottom line of customers he represents.

Prior to jointing Algorithm, Carl had a rich professional history of project management and sales working with the enterprise integration team at Apple, Inc. As a student of design he graduated from The Ohio State University in with a B.S. degree in Landscape Architecture and minor in African American studies. Carl is married with one child (and one on the way :D) and loves spending time with his family traveling and discovering new localities.

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The Algorithm Team Interview: Kristin Christian

As a Business Application Consultant Kristin is responsible for working closely with Algorithm’s clients to implement software solutions that address their unique business processes.

Kristin takes pride in collaborating with clients to identify their strengths, weaknesses and challenges in their organization and providing sound software solutions that enable them to operate with greater control, accuracy and efficiency in order to focus on growing and maintaining their business.

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The Algorithm Team Interview: Jonathan Nelson

As a Senior Application Consultant at Algorithm Jonathan Nelson spends the majority of his time working directly with Algorithm’s customers to help them improve their businesses through the better implementation and use of their software applications.

Jonathan spends a lot of time getting to know and understand what makes Algorithm’s customers successful and assist them in expanding that success. His responsibilities include direct support of Wisys, ERP, on-site assessments, upgrades, new site implementations and overall project management.

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The Algorithm Team Interview: John Jones

As Director of Network Services, John Jones is responsible for providing excellent IT customer service every time. This includes both internal customers, the employees of Algorithm, as well as providing full IT support for Algorithm’s 300 nationwide customers.

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The Algorithm Team Interview: Andy Smith

Posted on June 11, 2015 by algoadmin

As a business applications consultant at Algorithm, Andy Smith is responsible for working directly with customers to learn the unique aspects of each customer's business process and their goals for improvement. He also offers support and help when training staff on effective uses of software.

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The Algorithm Team Interview: Rick DeBusk

Posted on May 06, 2015 by algoadmin

As an Application Consultant for Algorithm, Rick DeBusk is kept busy. He helps clients identify business process issues, determines cost effective solutions to those problems, and then provides project management and user training in the implementation of those solutions.

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