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The Underutilized Notes Function in Macola Progression and ES

The notes function in Macola Progression and Macola ES isn't widely utilized, but it can be a very helpful tool for storing additional data specific to items, customers, and vendors. 

Macola Progression has two types of Notes buttons, the Note button on the toolbar and the Notes button beside fields on Progression screens.

In Progression, notes entered using either button can only be deleted by the user who entered them. If the note was entered by anyone other than the user currently logged in, the Delete button is grayed out. For example, if user "Demo" entered a note on the Item No. field on the Item Master Maintenance screen.

"Demo" is the only user that can delete the note. If user "Guest" opens the same item record, "Guest" can add, edit, or view notes but cannot delete notes entered by "Demo." Any user can edit a note entered by any other user, including notes entered by the SUPERVISOR user.

Macola ES has similar note function and the help file has more information.


Unfortunately, they copied the Progression help word for word.

Exact document 02.281.804 - Update to Note Button Functionality at Field Level- Field-Level Notes in Macola ES.  Macola ES now visually indicates the existence of field-level notes in most Macola ES programs:

  • If the value in a field with a note button has one or more notes associated with it the button will look like icon.jpg 
  • If the field supports notes but does not yet have any notes for the field data the button will look like icon_2.jpg

See the example in Fig. 1 below.  Customer 901 has notes associated with that customer.  But the GLUE item in the Item field does not have any notes . 


Figure 1:  Sample field-level notes 

The behavior of the notes window has not changed.  If a value is typed in the field the button will not change appearance until the field loses focus.  However notes for the new value will appear if the note button (or F8) is pressed. No password settings apply to the field note functionality.

Once you have the functionality down for notes be sure to take full advantage of them—notes are a simple yet powerful tool that will no doubt come in handy for your organization.

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