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The Best Certifications for Network Administrators 

The following is a guest post by Matt Oswalt. Matt is currently a Software Engineer at StackStorm and is also the author of the Keeping it Classless blog where he writes on the topics of networks, automation, systems, and software engineering.

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Microsoft Exchange 2016 vs. Office 365: Email Showdown

In the arena of Microsoft email servers, two options are available for customers to manage their internal written communication: Exchange Server 2016 and Office 365.

Each has its own advantages and implementation challenges and finding the right one to fit the company can sometimes be daunting. Boiled down, the main difference is one is a self-hosted system (Exchange 2016) and the other is cloud based (Office 365).

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Managing SSRS Reports in Synergy and Macola 10—FAQ

As more Macola users move from Crystal Reports toward Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), many are asking questions about Macola’s integration with SSRS and the benefits it brings.

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Webinar: A Faster Year-End Close with Prophix and Macola 10

We’ve integrated Prophix with Macola for a better year-end close—why is faster closing important.

A faster close is a good indication of how well a company’s financial systems and procedures are performing. In today’s competitive market, the accounting function needs to improve existing processes and, at times, infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy.

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Managing a Product Recall in Macola 10

Managing a product recall can be a disruptive and time consuming task.  But a solution is available to lessen the burden, create an auditable action plan, and increase the level of service these companies can provide.  Using a Macola10 workspace creates a single point of entry the entire recall management process.   

Once the items subject to recall are identified, a search of the on hand inventory and the sales history for the affected items can be conducted from a single screen.  By entering the known information, item number, lot number or serial numbers, etc.; a single recall report is displayed showing what items need action.  This may be inventory on hand that needs quarantined or disposed.  The customers and sales order details for the item are also listed.   

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About Avalara's AvaTax and Its Macola Integration

What is AvaTax?

AvaTax, from Avalara, is an automated solution for sales tax management and compliance.  The tax engine integrates directly within Macola and automatically calculates sales tax, in real time, for all orders/invoices that are processed. 

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SSRS Vs. Crystal Reports — Some Key Differences

Posted on July 14, 2017 by Rick Debusk

Many companies are moving towards developing system reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) vs. Crystal Reports. Here are some key differences between the two systems and a few compelling reasons for why this shift is happening:

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Macola 10.5—Update Details

Exact recently unveiled the much-anticipated release of Macola 10.5 and hosted a webinar to discuss the new features and beneifts that come with it. A recording of the webinar is embedded below and if you are short on time or just prefer reading we have also provided a snyopsis of Macola 10.5/the webinar.

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7 Common Macola Conversion Mistakes

Implementing a new ERP system is never a simple transition no matter the size or industry of your business. Macola 10 is no exception.

Macola helps you to handle every part of your manufacturing or distribution business. From controlling product manufacturing to managing customer relationships, there is a ton of information involved in moving from one system to another.

Although there are a number of ways to make this transition easier on both your business and your employees, there are still common Macola conversion mistakes that happen during implementation time and time again that are easily avoidable. 

Below is a compiled list of the most common mistakes that we see during a Macola conversion.

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What is Production Planning Software?

What is Production Planning Software?

Actually, a better starting point for a discussion of production planning is simply to ask, what does your company use to plan and schedule production? Does your company plan production on spreadsheets? When a customer requests expedited delivery on an order, does your planner head to the whiteboard and begin erasing jobs to free up capacity? Can your planners see at a glance that alternative workcenters are available to alleviate a bottleneck in production? At peak season do your production planners remind you of a juggler straining to keep all the orders in the air while adding one more?

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