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Macola 10.5—Update Details

Exact recently unveiled the much-anticipated release of Macola 10.5 and hosted a webinar to discuss the new features and beneifts that come with it. A recording of the webinar is embedded below and if you are short on time or just prefer reading we have also provided a snyopsis of Macola 10.5/the webinar.

Macola 10.4 Changes

Before we jump into Macola 10.5, here were the primary themes from the past Macola 10.4 update:

  • Reinventing workspaces
  • All your financials. All in one place
  • Powerful workflows working harder and smarter
  • Taking the guesswork out of forecasting (ForecastPro)
  • Tracking costs by location

Summarizing the New Macola 10.5 Release

An overwhelming trend in manufacturing/distribution organizations is moving towards empowering staff with more mobile-friendly solutions. Some large organizations such as Honda manufacturing have completely replaced laptops with tablets. 

This change and mobility is the overarching theme of Macola 10.5—providing faster access to critical information and problem-solving applications. 

In the opening of the webinar folks from Macola asked attendees to take a quick poll on "what benefit of mobile ERP could bring the greatest value." Tied for first were:

  • Real-time insight into inventory and the shop floor, and
  • Increased efficiencies through reduced data entry

Macola 10.5 offers over 100 enhancements and quality fixes—some of the highlights are listed below.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

  • Responsive design: automatically adjusts the screen format to best fit the device you are viewing from whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Responsive design is not an app, it is a true fully-functional web platform

User Experience (UX) Enhancements

  • Type-ahead search: just like Google searches providing suggestions as you type. Search by customer name or account number
  • Infinite scrolling: a more modern searching experience that reduces clicks/confusion; especially beneficial for tablet users
  • Sortable table columns: information sorted in real time the way you need it
  • Progressive disclosure: a fancy term which really means that as you are going through a process like order entry you can only fill in information that is required at your current step. This greatly simplifies the user experience and only "discloses" new steps/options as you are ready to "progress"

New Functional Areas

  • Order entry: create, delete, and edit orders and quotes in real time. Order process is greatly simplified with progressive disclosure
  • Order inquiry: a one-stop shop to view order details in real time. Search by order number, customer name, item number, etc. and you can edit/delete orders from here as well
  • Item snapshot: inventory at your fingertips. Item snapshot provides a comprehensive view of items and product usage trends across multiple inventory locations and is greatly simplified from the previous Macola 10 build—in fact, this replaces 16 screens from the previous version which show this information!

API/Web Services Enhancements

  • Improved 3rd-party integration: improve supply chain visibility and inventory accuracy by integrating in real time with 3rd parties

What's Next for Macola 10

The Macola 10 team will be working on the ability to configure new screens for each business's unique needs. Additionally they are working on a UI Plugin System which will allow 3rd party softwares to plug into the system and be callable within Macola 10 screens. Then in general the team's efforts will be behind getting other screens like Accounting, Manufacturing, and Inventory updated in a similar fashion to the Macola 10.5 screen updates. 

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