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Exact Autumn '19 Release Is Here!

Synergy gets even more new features, better functionality; just in time for fall.

At Algorithm, one of the things that has always impressed us about the team over at Exact is the constant effort they make to innovate and break new ground on behalf of their customers. Unlike other providers who are still clinging to feature sets that are woefully outdated (to put it generously), Exact is continuously updated and enhanced on a regular basis.

Case in point: The Exact Autumn 2019 update is here, and it brings with it a host of new features that we feel you're definitely going to want to learn more about.

Better Social Collaboration Has Arrived

One core part of the Exact Autumn '19 release is devoted to social collaboration something that is quickly becoming a cornerstone of any modern business.

The "Admin-all-group" role, for example, has been renamed "Social Collaboration Administrator" to better reflect exactly what someone in this position actually does. Users who are given this role will not only be able to edit any post that is shared with other users or groups, but they can delete them as well.

Along the same lines, several adjustments have been made to enhance the flow of information across Exact Synergy thus making it easier than ever to gain the insight you need when you need it the most. There's a new layout in the "News" tab which better organizes critical information in a way that is easy to both digest and share. The viewing of comments has also been enhanced significantly:

  • If there are more than 10 comments in any given post, you can now view that post as a separate pop-up page by clicking the "View More Comments" hyperlink.
  • If there are fewer than 10 comments in a post, they can be viewed by expanding the comment section itself.

Finally, users can now display or even hide the timeline panel in a project card if they so choose. All they have to do is click the "Timeline" button once to display the timeline, and click it again to hide it. This is another great way in which the Exact Autumn '19 release helps create a better flow of information, thus creating a more organic experience for users moving forward.

A New Era of Mobility Is Upon Us

With this most recent release, Exact's developers have also added a number of new mobility options to the application - another crucial concept for getting things done while on-the-go.

Not only are the Exact Synergy mobile apps characterized by their intuitive and easy-to-use interface, but they also sport an objectively beautiful design.

The most recently updated version of the Exact Synergy app currently available in the Google Play store and in many other popular app stores also offers bug fixes and improvements that further solidify a quality user experience. A problem was fixed when starting the calendar, for example, and the "Edit" button has been added back to the "Appointment" screen as it was in previous versions. Note that the Exact Synergy Classic app is also available, as are the company's CRM app, ESS app, expenses app, field service app and more.

A Modern User Interface for the Modern User

But even an advanced array of features like those outlined above wouldn't mean a thing if Exact Synergy didn't account for the quality that mattered most - the user interface.
Luckily, developers HAVE taken this into consideration and the Exact Autumn '19 release only further improves things to that end. A number of user interface-related changes have been instituted, including but not limited to ones like:

  • The layout in the "Monitor" section has been optimized.
  • When searching for entities, you can now opt to either select or clear the types of entities you're looking for.
  • You can now display HTML or JavaScript codes that you have embedded via the "Embed" widget thanks to a new white list for websites feature. This works even if the "Allow Scripting" box is NOT checked.
  • The performance of the "Instant Search" widget has been expanded to support pagination and further optimizations via the Application Programming Interface.

Your Workflows, Just the Way You Like Them

Last but not least, the Exact Autumn '19 update brings with it a number of workflow enhancements that could not have come along at a better time.

The removal of people from remarks has been simplified, for example, and users can now clear a remark made to a person simply by clicking the "X" button next to their name. There is also a new auto timestamp feature on requests where users can opt to have the name, the date and the time of a request be inserted automatically into the "Remarks" field when working in this screen.

Overall, the solutions you use need to be about more than just maintaining the status quo. They need to grow and evolve as your organization does the same - constantly breaking new ground in terms of what you're able to do and how easily you can do it.

With expansive updates like the Autumn 2019 release, Exact has proven that they're committed to the future every bit as much as they are the present. In an era where some legacy systems out there barely get bi-annual updates, this "always moving forward" mantra is certainly worth paying attention to and celebrating.

To get started with the Exact Autumn 2019 release, call Algorithm today to schedule your demo.

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