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Algorithm's WiSys Strategy

We love WiSys.  We believe that WiSys, founded by Bruce Hollinger, is the best thing to happen to Macola since Bruce founded Macola. 

We have used WiSys to make Macola viable for the last decade plus.  Not just as a WMS product, but as a platform for adapting Macola to business needs when Macola wasn’t able or capable to meet customer demand.  The Agility framework made Macola practically open source. 

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Algorithm's Value Proposition to Macola Users

Over the last several months, after ECi terminated the reseller agreement with Algorithm and all resellers, a lot of confusion has arisen over what we can and can’t do now and going forward.

The fact is what we ‘can not do’ is very limited as you’ll see below.

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After the Dust has Settled: An Open Letter to Algorithm's Customers

As you may know, Algorithm and 15 of our reseller friends in the Macola community, after having our contracts cancelled by ECi, brought a complaint in federal court that was mediated and settled. 

In working through the give and take of a settlement, one thing was paramount to us and that was to retain our customers and relationships we’ve built over 25 years.  We know your business, you know our team and our capabilities.  I’m happy to say that we remain here, working for all our customers. What does that look like going forward? 

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