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Three Reasons to Implement a Web-Based EDI Software Solution

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EDI Is your company still receiving paper invoices for products or services? Are you using valuable company resources on manual EDI data entry? It may be time to implement a web-based EDI software solution to help streamline business processes and reduce company costs. With a web EDI solution, users can easily access intuitive software without the need to manage an installed solution.  

Web or cloud EDI solutions are often less expensive than installed software and, therefore, more attractive to small and midsize companies. Here’s three reasons you may consider web-based software.

1. Eliminate paper business documentation with suppliers

Keep track of all your purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices in one place with a web-based EDI solution.  Moving to a paperless method of sending and receiving EDI documentation with your trading partners helps eliminate manual data entry, and therefore, company resources. A cloud EDI solution could add hours back into the work days of customer service representatives or other EDI data handlers.

2. Integrate EDI transactions with your ERP or accounting package

Are you tired of manually entering data into your QuickBooks or other back-end systems? A web EDI solution provides an easy and secure method of integrating common B2B transactions with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting software. EDI integration eliminates the need to key and re-key data, therefore decreasing costly chargebacks and increasing company productivity.

3. Create GS1-128 labels with ease

Many trading partners require a GS1-128 label created from the advance ship notice document. With a web-based EDI solution, a label export tool lets you create GS1-128 labels and export PDF files you can e-mail to your warehouse or other remote locations. Ask your EDI provider about the ability to print labels at your location, depending upon your company’s printing resources.

As you research web-based EDI solutions, don’t forget to inquire about solution support. Just like with any new purchase, you’ll want to understand your solution to capitalize on the benefits, and ultimately add money to your company’s bottom line.

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