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Three Benefits of Integrating Your EDI Solution with Your ERP Solution

1 EDI Source, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic data interchange (EDI) software and Software-as-a-Service solutions. For more than 20 years, the company has served the EDI needs of businesses ranging in size from single-person operations to Fortune 500 corporations. Visit www.1edisource.com for more information about our products and services.

EDI for MacolaIf your company is looking for a new EDI solution, a relevant question to jumpstart your search is: do we want to integrate our EDI solution with our enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution? The answer to this question will help guide your EDI provider to the best solution for your company.  

Many companies find value in integrating their EDI and ERP solutions. We’ve highlighted three integration benefits to consider during your search.

1. Decreased Manual Entry

EDI solution integration with your company’s back-end system eliminates hours of manual data entry. An automated EDI solution will help your company cut manual processes, refocus staff efforts on other pertinent tasks and reduce data entry errors. Before choosing an EDI provider, be sure to ask about solutions that will complement your ERP software system.

2. Simplify Your Business Process

By implementing a fully-integrated EDI solution, your company will streamline business processes for both you and your clients. EDI data requirements will be handled from a central location, providing seamless integration with your ERP. You’ll also improve accuracy, which will lead to less chargebacks and a boost in productivity.

3. Add Money to Your Company’s Bottom Line

An automated solution will allow your company to maximize order potential by serving customers around the clock. Within certain EDI solutions, software alerts can be configured whenever dates, quantities, or other criteria change, or to notify users whenever a new order is received.  Solution integration drives increased revenue and builds capacity to acquire new trading partners.

As you start your EDI solution research, try exploring the integration history of your potential EDI provider. You may find that your EDI provider partners with specific ERP solutions, therefore providing your company an advised integration method.  By finding a trusted EDI provider to assist with your business and integration goals, your company will be positioned to sustain a substantial increase in business productivity, opportunity and revenue.

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