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Is Cloud Hosted SAP Business One Right For You?

cloud hosted sapThere are thousands of customers of SAP Business One worldwide that could benefit from having SAP Business One hosted in the cloud. Cloud services have come so far in the last 5 years that it makes perfect sense to have Algorithm's SAP B1-certified experts dedicated specifically to SAP B1, manage your SAP Business One application in the cloud. Algorithm Hosted Services provide cloud servers that utilize many features for small and mid-sized companies ordinarily only available to much larger organizations.

What is Cloud Hosted SAP Business One?

Hosted SAP Business One is a new total-managed technology option for small and medium-sized organizations. Think of it as a technology cooperative (CO-OP). Instead of organizations purchasing their own servers, applications, licenses, and hiring expensive support staff, the companies subscribe to Algorithm Hosted Services. They share the infrastructure while maintaining complete and secure separation of their information. Perhaps you've heard the term "Application Service Provider" or ASP – that’s Algorithm! 

What are the major benefits of subscribing to Algorithm Hosted Solutions?

  • Complete server management
    • Turn-key style server environment with very little IT management from end-user
  • Secure and segmented hosted environment
    • Each SAP Business One installation is separate from every other in secure environment
    • State-of-the-art Firewall Security, Virus Protection and data backups
  • SAS70 compliant datacenters located centrally for access anywhere in the world
    • PC or Mac, iPad or iPhone. SAP Business One is now platform independent
  • Complete and total data backups
    • All servers are backed up at regular intervals during the day providing multiple restoration points.
    • Full Disaster Recovery available on day one
  • Costs: Low monthly subscription fees vs. large upgrade or new installation costs
  • Expert data center staff: Algorithm Network Services is focused on your business by providing technology experts 24/7.
  • Latest software: available with software version updates included in subscription
  • Secure: State-of-the-art Firewall Security, Virus Protection and data backups
  • Rapid Deployment: New installations are typically setup and running in less than 7 days

Why Cloud Hosted SAP Business One?

Get access to your applications with quick implementation times at a low, predictable monthly fee. The programs reside on secure, state-of-the-art servers: Algorithm Network Services is responsible for maintaining and updating the platform and managing the network, and providing round-the-clock reliable access to your applications. 

Who Should Use Cloud Hosted SAP Business One?

Hosted SAP Business One services are ideal for small to medium sized businesses. You understand that technology can support and enhance your operations but it is not your core competency. We focus on the technology so you can focus on your business.

With Algorithm Hosted Solutions, you have the benefit of years of IT experience combined with the latest technology to produce a unified solution for all of your SAP Business One products.

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