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How SAP Helps Manufacturers Make Good Data-Driven Decisions

Without complete visibility into financial and operational performance, a company doesn't stand a chance. You need to know your business, from current cash flow to inventory levels. Without accurate data, it’s is impossible to determine product line or customer profitability, which hinders tactical and strategic decision making.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a fully integrated solution that captures data across sales, customers, operations, purchasing, inventory, and financials in a single system. SAP Business One is delivered with SAP Crystal Reports and includes a library of predefined reports, layouts, and graphical presentation options that let you generate, explore, and deliver compelling insights, from the big picture down to the smallest detail.

SAP For Manufacturers

The SAP Business One application enables industrial manufacturers to gain control over fluctuating demand, manage product life cycles, differentiate themselves from global competitors and comply with an increasingly strict regulatory environment. It automates production and purchase order management, synchronizes material flow, supports more agile inventory planning and promotes visibility across the production chain through sophisticated reporting. SAP Business One provides finance and accounting functionality to enable performance to be monitored and managed against key indicators. This complete application is affordably priced for, and ideally suited to, smaller organizations that wish to increase the scale of their manufacturing while reducing overhead.

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