Avalara is an Algorithm partner and leading provider of sales tax management solutions. Avalara provides tools that allow customers to achieve compliance automatically, ranging from automated exemption certificate management to returns filing and remittance. 

Avalara solutions include:

  • Tax Calculations— Avalara offers automated Tax Calculations for a variety of tax types including Sales Tax, Excise Tax, Communications tax, Lodging Tax, VAT, and UPC. This software has four main features:
    • Instantly calculates tax rates and rules for 12,000 jurisdictions
    • SKU-level taxability for millions of products and services
    • Pre-built integrations for 500+ ERP, POS and ecommerce systems.
    • Updates automatically for changes in rates, tax laws, and nexus.
  • Returns and Filing— Avalara uses a range of transactional tax filing and returns solutions in an automated system that can be customized to fit every businesses needs. The system offers specific features such as One-Click filing for multiple reports and guaranteed on-time filing. This solution is offered for a variety of tax types including Sales Tax, Excise Tax, Communications Tax, Lodging Tax, VAT, and Government. 

  • Tax Document Management— Avalara offers a secure cloud-based solution for tax document management that minimizes your audit risk and exposure. Through this system, businesses have immediate access to important documents, significantly reducing administrative burdens on internal resources.

  • Professional Services— In addition to the Avalara products, Avalara also offers two options for Professional Support Services: Avalara ProfessionalServices and Avalara CertCapture Managed Services.
    • Avalara ProfessionalServices consists of a team of sales and use tax industry experts who can help guide you through the maze of sales and use tax decisions, helping you to meet your goals from your transactional tax technology investment.

      Key features include Tax Service Implementation, Specialized Tax Research, Voluntary Compliance Initiatives, Nexus Studies and Analysis, Tax Registration Services, and Audit Management.

    • Avalara CertCapture Managed Services team can handle your exempt certificate management operations on behalf of your business. By choosing this option, businesses benefit from better efficiencies, cost savinfs, compliance and a reduction of audit exposure. 

      Key features include Reporting and Analysis, Campaign Management, Certificate Validation, and Certificate Acquisition.


Don't Believe Us? Take their Word for it

"When we started doing more business in different states, it was getting more complex and taking more time for the team to manage.  Filing, making sure the rates are right – that was always a problem. We looked at different sales tax solutions starting back in ‘09 and Avalara was a front-runner.  So we got a demo, ran it in our test environment, liked it and signed on. Now we use it throughout the whole company. 

We use NetSuite as our ERP system, mostly in the U.S. and Canada. We’re also looking to expand globally. We want to roll in our Europe and Australia offices under the Avalara international package. The automation aspect of Avalara products convinced us it was the best.  It already integrates with NetSuite, it’s automated, it’s a one-time set-up and it’s simple to use.  We just loved it from the start.

The whole implementation cycle was pretty short.  Since it already hooked on to NetSuite it was quick and easy. We went live within the week.

The Dashboard is amazing.  You get your full listing of states in the U.S. and provinces in Canada.  It tells you a quick summary: how much you sold, how much is taxable and what you owe.  It also has a quick approval button so you just go in and approve it and it’s good to go.

Avalara’s changed us. It used to take hours after we hit close just doing sales tax.  Once we got Avalara, it cut it down. Now our cycle’s maybe an hour. I would definitely recommend Avalara to anyone who’s not using some sort of system.  It has saved time and a lot of headaches."

-Ray Duong, Finance Analyst at Argus Software

"We don’t do traditional CPA work; we only do state and local tax consulting. If a company’s under audit and has collected the wrong rate of tax, then we can help solve those immediate problems. But it always points out the need to set up an automated system, and we’re not a seller of software. 

The automation piece was a really big thing that was missing from what we were able to offer our clients.

For years, we were desperate to find a partner that could provide customized “set it and forget it” automation for our clients. Then we found Avalara. 

We’ve looked at different automation products, but our view is: it’s our job to identify possible solutions then let the clients decide what works best for them. The vast majority of our clients choose Avalara because it just works better with their accounting systems.

Avalara is great because it works with so many different ERPs, and is very simple to set up. The products are easy to work with and they’re easy for our clients to implement.  It’s been a huge benefit to us. Avalara solves a huge problem, and they do it for a really low price.  Plus, the accuracy is really good – down to the rooftop.

When our clients need help with automation, we say, 'Bring in Avalara. Then you’ll be in good shape going forward.'"

-Andrew Johnson, Founding Partner at Peisner Johnson & Company, LLP