Hosted Macola Solutions

A unified technology solution for all your Macola products.

With Algorithm's Hosted Solutions, you have the benefit of years of IT experience combined with the latest technology to produce a unified solution for all of your Macola products.

Cloud Hosted Macola is a total-managed technology option for small and medium-sized organizations. Think of it as a technology cooperative (CO-OP). Instead of organizations purchasing their own servers, applications, licenses, and hiring expensive support staff, the companies subscribe to Algorithm Hosted Services. They share the infrastructure while maintaining complete and secure separation of their information.

Benefits of Cloud Hosted Macola Solutions

  • Secure, remote access to data from anywhere
  • Low monthly subscription fees
  • Expert data center and technology experts available 24/7
  • Latest software version updates included
  • State-of-the-art Firewall Security, Virus Protection and backups
  • New installations are typically setup and running in less than 7 days


Self-Hosted Macola is an onsite option for companies that require Macola to be housed within the premise of the organization. Same pricing structure and worry-free management - only at your location.