TierLink 2.0

Seamless automotive EDI integration for Macola ES and Progression.

TierLink was built to meet the needs of automotive suppliers who want to integrate their EDI solution with their Macola system. TierLink bridges Edibar’s Automotive EDI solution (Edibar-Release Management System or Edibar-RMS) to Macola's manufacturing and planning solution, passing forecast and shipping information.

Major Benefits

TierLink gives Exact customers the flexibility and quick compliance needed to be successful. Now automotive suppliers can easily comply with automotive EDI requirements.

Who Should Use TierLink?

TierLink is designed for mid-size businesses between $5 and $150 million in annual revenue and is targeted for tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 automotive suppliers.

How Does TierLink Work?

TierLink works in conjunction with Edibar-RMS and Macola Progression and ES by receiving a consistent set of EDI transactions. The EDI 830 transaction set becomes the manufacturing forecast requirement that is received into the Macola Master Schedule. These forecast orders drive the shop floor purchasing requirements. The Edibar-RMS application manages the Daily Shipping Schedule from the 862 transactions and produces an Advanced Shipping Notice, or 856.

TierLink picks up data after the Advanced Shipping Notice is complete. It receives the daily shipment detail into Macola's Order Entry Module and allows for invoicing and back flushing of inventory.

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