VineyardSoft KnowledgeSync

Business activity monitoring and event manager solution for Macola

KnowledgeSync is a business activity monitoring tool used to monitor business data and, when specified conditions are found, to generate a response. These responses can include:

  • Trigger alerts
  • Generate and delivering forms
  • Trigger and distribute reports
  • Trigger creation of tasks
  • Integrate application data
  • Process incoming email

Identifying and acting on important business information is what KnowledgeSync is all about. It is an automated system that lets you tell it what conditions to watch for, and how to respond to those conditions when they occur. Using advanced Data Mining capabilities, KnowledgeSync can identify the precise conditions that are critical to the success of your organization.

And unlike simple alerting solutions, KnowledgeSync's "Active Alerts" technology lets you do far more than just send out an "email reminder". Whether it's generating invoices, work orders, or picking lists, whether it's pushing critical information to a web portal, or whether it's executing workflow to schedule intelligent follow-up activities, KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-level solution that brings corporate awareness to a whole new level.

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