Business Intelligence & Reporting

Gain real-time insight into your Macola data

We provide a comprehensive set of business intelligence (BI) and performance management functionality – reports, dashboards, ad hoc analysis, and data management. Designed, packaged, and priced to meet the unique needs of small businesses and midsize companies, these solutions enable you to start and grow at your own pace, with minimal IT support.

Explore our BI, Reporting and Analysis solutions below:

Koperniko Reports

A web-based Crystal Reporting tool that utilizes the latest in Rapid Application Development tools to create beautiful, easy to use interfaces.


Agility Dashboards

Developed by the original developer of the Macola ERP solution, Agility provides a core set of analytical tools to evaluate your Macola data.


Pulse Dashboard

Provides real-time data management within your Macola Progression or ES system.