Macola 10 Overview

Core ERP

Macola 10 builds upon its core ERP and introduces new functionality to solve today’s business problems for manufacturers and distributors. New functionality in Macola 10 enables automated processes that can commonly replace manual data entry – saving both time and money, while increasing accuracy. This new functionality enables you to easily complete transactions with quotes, orders, inventory, master data maintenance and more without reentering data in multiple screens.

Configurable Workspaces

Macola 10 changes the way you interact and transact with ERP data. Configurable Workspaces streamline business processes, improve usability and increase productivity. Configurable Workspaces allow you to tailor your ERP interface to fit yourspecific needs, replacing the need for expensive, time-consuming service engagements previously required to customize your solution.

Business Activity Monitoring

Macola 10 Business Activity Monitoring allows you to proactively identify, report and respond to critical situations and events in real-time. One of the most common reasons for missed orders and payments is human error. Associates simply overlook the task of entering a certain number of orders each month. Business Activity Monitoring reduces the chance of missed orders or payments by eliminating the need for this burdensome manual entry—automatically taking action on a predefined schedule.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management provides members of your organization with complete visibility into critical information, enabling more active and effective communication with clients, vendors and one another. Business Process Management provides users a web-based interface which they can use to access and share corporate information from one centralized repository, giving employees the tools to manage and plan their own efforts and share their work and knowledge with others.

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